Rig Invoicing Customers

Crude Services Inc. (CSI)

In searching for an invoicing program, I came across Rig Invoicing Manager by Extreme Solutions. Up to this point I was unable to find a program that was able to meet our company’s individual needs…

Rig Invoicing Manager has taken us from entering duplicate information to generate our pay to lease operators as well as employees … at a click of a button.

We would highly recommend Rig Invoicing Manager and are 100% satisfied!

Debbie Pooley - Owner/Operator

K-D Trucking Inc.

This correspondence will serve as a letter of endorsement commending [Extreme Solutions] on the level of service which we received from them.

KD Trucking is an active trucking company in rig servicing and transfer hauling of H20 and crude in the oilfield.  We have tried several invoice programs over the past few years, but were never satisfied with any of them.

Extreme Solutions came to our rescue in March of 2001 and built our program to fit our specific needs.  You have to understand that I had very little computer experience and Extreme Solutions made the program very user friendly for me, they had a lot of patience and spent a lot of time helping and familiarizing me with the program.  A big concern for me was if they would be around for servicing, upgrading and trouble shooting and they have been only a telephone call away.

I have been completely satisfied with Extreme Solutions and would not hesitate in giving them a high recommendation.  Extreme Solutions have a wealth of knowledge, an abundance of energy and are a pleasure to work with.

Kendra Tabler - Oil Trucking

It is with confidence that Extreme Solutions can meet your programming needs.

W-K Trucking Inc.

... Extreme Solutions has been our computer programmer and technician for the past years and during this time they developed, installed and maintained our invoicing program that we use for our business. Extreme Solution's service has been exceptionally prompt and they have always ensured that our systems are performing at their optimum. We would highly recommend Extreme Solutions and their programming services to any business and can only offer praise for his services.

Shauna Kit - Crude and Oil Trucking

Portiek Ventures Ltd.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to [the team] of miracle workers at Extreme Solutions Inc. I am currently running the “Rig Invoicing Manager” to do all of my billing for my company tickets. [Extreme Solutions] intervened on my painstaking accounting and bookkeeping skills and introduced the light. Not a word of a lie they re invented the wheel. What used to take hours and hours of repetitive work now takes minutes. When a customer asks for haul reports, I can now give it to them in seconds instead of days. When I get everything all twisted up and can’t figure out what I did, (comes with the computer illiteracy) they are there to tell me what I did wrong, fix the problem and recommend what to do and what not to do next time.

When it came to training me on the rig invoicing manager program, [Extreme Solutions] were very patient. When I needed some parts of the program customized to fit my needs, [Extreme Solutions] was only a phone call away. When it came time for my company to have a web page [Extreme Solutions] were there again, and before I knew it, my company was on the web. I sincerely recommend Extreme Solutions products to any one and every one, whether it is a product that they have designed already or if it is something, new that a customer would like invented. Extreme Solutions is the way to go, bar none. All you have to do is tell them your idea and watch it get moulded right in front of you. I cannot say enough thanks to Extreme Solutions for all of there help and products. I look forward to a continued great working relationship with them.

Gary Portiek - Tank Truck Service

Survey Customers

Marketing Research Consultant

As their name attests, this team have provided many “Extreme Solutions” to meet our clients’ on-line surveying needs. They have accommodated the programming of lengthy surveys with complex skip patterns, often administered to multiple audiences under strict quota requirements.

The graphics and layout of the on-line surveys are attractive and very user friendly, and are designed to accommodate virtually all respondent platforms. Data security and protection of the respondents’ personal information are managed with utmost care. Results can be accessed on-line at any time by the project manager, allowing us to keep our clients up-to-date on survey progress with a moment’s notice. Graphic output of the results is visually appealing; the analysis process is streamlined, thus eliminating the potential for reporting error. Efficient data export allows for the more complex analysis of results.

Communications throughout each survey process has been exemplary – there is no second guessing without first clarifying direction and presenting alternative solutions when challenges are identified.

Extreme Solutions has consistently delivered quality surveying solutions, on time, within budget, and with the flexibility we require. We consider the firm to be an essential partner in delivering research and consulting services to our clients.

Karen Paul, BSA, MBA Sr Marketing Research Consultant

Serecon Consulting Group

We recently worked with Extreme Solutions in completing an on-line survey of salaries and benefits that we conducted on behalf of our client. Their expertise was instrumental right from the beginning of the project (draft copy of the survey), to putting the survey on-line, through to providing the responses.

All work was completed within the timelines requested, and we were very pleased witht he results. The total number of participants for the survey was excellent, due in part, to the user-friendly nature of the survey which Extreme Solutions created. They were available immediately to deal with any "glitches" that arose, which increased participation and satisfaction levels.

Their knowledge and efficiency make them an invaluable resource.

Cheryl March - Office Administrator

Veterinary Pathology Customers

Veterinary Pathology Laboratory (Alberta) Ltd.

Extreme Solutions demonstrated exceedingly good qualities of not only personality and ability to work with and manage people but also understand the circumstance of business and personnel interaction. They have also demonstrated exceptional technical capability in computer science and technology. They have created an effective working database and I would strongly recommend Extreme Solutions and their ability in Computer Science as well as understanding a business environment.

... we would strongly and highly recommend Extreme Solutions for their technically capabilities and also pleasant personalities...

Veterinary Pathology Laboratory (Alberta) Ltd.

Diaper Delivery Database Details

Database Background

Created with a diaper franchise hosted on Dragons Den in Season 4, our system is secure, dependable and trusted to keeping our clients business optimized.

  • Automatic Daily Delivery Reports sent to Drivers
  • Full and Accurate Customer Billing History
  • Full System Backup - Zero Data Loss since 2008
  • Remotely Administrate your Business from Any Internet Connected Workstation
  • No Software Required - Compatible with Windows of MacOSx

Professional Enhanced Technical Support Available:

  • Email: IMAP/Exchange or Office 365 Email Account Setup and Support
  • Domain Name: Decades of Domain Name Support (NS/DKIM/DMARC) Services
  • Support: Guarantee Business-Trusted Support Included

Current Operations

Currently actively managing over 700 daily customers.

Banking Details

Automatically manage your customer payments with either credit card or debit card direct payment.